The Brothers Josephu

The Brothers Josephu
Young Josef at work...circa 1917

Monday, May 2, 2011

One Stone at a Time

The online research continues to be sure that we uncover all that's possible on my trip to Vienna. I say "we" because my genealogical journey is joined by George Klein (a cousin) and Herbert Fischer. Herr Fischer has been extremely helpful, not only locating works but, in some cases, photographing them. This is extremely helpful now, and once I return. I certianly hope this will not be my last trip to Vienna. George has been my guiding light in Vienna and I am please we share this adventure together.

Through Mr. Fischer's help we did confirm a large building with a large relief-statue on it by my grandfather, Josef, was in the town I suspected until 1998, then it was torn down. Disappointing but at least we know our methods are accurate. At Mr. Fischer's recommendation George and I also are working on a family tree, a linkwill be posted later when our work is complete.

I have decided to broaden the scope of the book to cover my grand-uncle Florian...and we've been able to locate many of his works as well.  The book will also have "mini" biographies of their subjects and close friends. Afterall, if a person was notable enough to have a bronze or stone statue they are worthy of a brief bio in the book.

The one thing that would be a fantastic find is to obtain birth certificates of Florian (or another Josephu sibling) to compare to Josef's.....and hopefully clarify the French ancestory.

I'm also considering different  titles for the project - which will be a biography and a documentary which will link to this blog. The blog to act as a diary of the process, and a place to add any findings once the book/documentary are completed. Up to this poing I had simply titled the work "v. Josephu" but now I'm exploring others...such as "Spirit Over Time", "Steel to Stone" or "Stone in Time"....something that will connect the sculpture to the rival brothers and their history....or stay with my original title of "Rediscovering Josephu"

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  1. "Whoever does not know where it came not know where it goes, because he does not know where he is. In this sense, the past is the springboard to the future. "

    -- Archduke Otto of Habsburg-Lorraine